Fox Holes

Why, you may be asking yourself, have our local foxes suddenly developed such a mania for archaeology? The grassy areas of the garden are full of little and not so little inspection trenches.


The answer lies in the weather. Continue reading

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Not a Good Week

It’s not been a great week here at Abbey Court.

First bike wheel thefts and now this.


I don’t know who was responsible for this damage to the wall, but I do hope they have fessed up and are going to take full responsibilty for the wall to be made good as quickly as possible. Otherwise that is an unexpected and totally avoidable expense for AC residents to have to meet.

On Thursday night some neighbours had the wheels of their bikes stolen. This was probably an opportunistic crime, facilitated by the side gates being left open. There have been people using the garden and car park who are doing work on flats here. Continue reading

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Compost Conduct for the Good of the Planet (and Abbey Court)

There have been some concerns recently about the way some residents are using our compost bins.
I suspect I am not the only person to remove household rubbish, slices of bread and other cooked food that has been left there. I do not believe it is beyond the wit of residents at Abbey Court to overcome this problem; maybe some residents are unfamiliar with composting and just assume all food waste and containers belong there.

So, some tips re using the compost bin:

Remember it is for uncooked fruit and veg waste only.

Fruit flies are a necessary part of the process so we want some, but they are particularly attracted by sweet things, so wrap your fruit in newspaper to prevent a fruit fly invasion.

In hot weather it’s a good idea to put a layer of shredded paper and cardboard in the bin to cover the contents every week or so.

Make sure the lid is replaced properly on the compost bin.

Continue reading

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Looking to the future, garden questionaire cont

How would you like to use the  garden in the future? 

Looking forward, how would you like to use the garden in the future?

Just the same way you do now, or are the other things you’d like to do there?

Maybe you’d like set up an easel and paint; organise a social event for the neighbours; meditate. Continue reading

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Growing the Garden

Round tomatoes

Round tomatoes

There’s a grow bag in the garden as yet unplanted. I am not sure everyone knows that it is for anyone who wants to plant something in it. Ricardo, Isabella and I have already started growing herbs, courgettes, tomatoes, chilli peppers and strawberries which we hope to harvest later this year.

I have three more tomato plants indoors that are not yet ready for planting outdoors and I’d happily plant them in this extra grow bag, but it seems rather selfish, and maybe other residents would like to flex their green fingers.

The water butt has been emptied once and was getting low again before the recent rain. When we get more of these butts along the back of the building it’ll be much easier to water the garden with good rain water.

If you haven’t yet answered the question in the previous post, it would be a good time to do it now as I shall put up the second question soon.

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Do you use the garden now?

That’s the first question on the questionnaire, and even something as simple has caused some people to ask for clarification about what is meant by ‘use’.

So maybe it should read How do you use the garden now?

For some residents the answer will be quite simply that they don’t.
Cherry blossom
Others keep their bikes and cars there. Some residents like to sunbathe, have barbecues, read. A few of us like to grow things, to plant seeds, to water them and watch them germinate. Continue reading

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Shortly to be golden tomatoes

Shortly to be golden tomatoes

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