AGM September 2010

The Annual General Meeting is planned for Wednesday 8th September 2010 @ 7.30pm in the garden weather permitting (if not in the Beehive)

The proposals and discussion points are:-

  1. The  back garden:

  • furniture

  • wall painting

  • foxes

  • landscaping

2. Abbey Court Interior

  • strapping on stair case

  • buffing of flooring

3. Abbey Court Exterior

  • double glazing all communal window

  • touch up painting

4. Renting out of 1 car park space to a local shop keeper

5. Updated list of charges regarding selling of flats to be issued

6. Charges to be raised against bounced cheques or standing orders

7. Financial review of Suthwalk Management Ltd finances for last year

8. The cleaner

9. The gardeners

10. The window cleaners

11, Review the mouse/ rat contract

12. Painting gates with anti- climb paint

13. The committee and a new director is required ASAP

14. Abbey Court blog page

15. AOB

Please send us other discussion points ASAP to add to agenda and RSVP,

Thanks in advance

EA and LR

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