Important Message from the Management Company

Dear Owners and Tenants,

We have had issues on the main door jamming in one of the blocks?

Please contact me ASAP to let me know if you have any problems and if so what door and when!

Banham our lock specialist have been contacted and are doing a call out tomorrow if required but at a charge, so I would like to check incase other doors are having issues

Also recently, I have been notified of a few issues :- please ensure your tenants are aware of the

“Abbey Court Guide Lines”

  • Washing machines being used between the hours of 10pm and 8am- this is a general rule of Abbey Court.

  • Hoovering or using noisy kitchen equipment between the hours of 10pm and 8am

  • Doors slamming- when people enter of leave the building, esp late at night or early morning.

  • Smoking in communal areas or at the front door

  • Late night music or parties, if you are having a party- please let your neighbours know out of courtesy

  • Recycle bins are used correctly- BIN LINERS & PLASTIC CARRIERS should not be used, these are for certain recyclable products only

  • The bin shed has been forced open and caused the wood to split, please ensure all new tenants get keys for the bin sheds and aware of the different bins

ie Bin sheds for general waste, Blue re-cycle bins for paper, tin, glass, Brown re-cycle bins for garden waste and there are a                 couple of composters behind the bin shed where the re-cycle bins are kitchen waste that will break down food stuff organically.

Please ensure, that you are considerate towards other residents and if you let your flat out please ensure the tenants and letting companies are aware of the above regulations/ guidelines

Many Thanks

Secretary Suthwalk Management Company


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