Carter Place Development

We should all have received letters from Southwark Council asking for comments about a proposed development at 292 Walworth Road.

In case an of you were wondering, it’s the space outside the old police station. It used to be a lovely garden, and is one of only two green spaces on the Walworth Road. The other is outside the Town Hall.

There has been a previous attempt to build on the garden, which failed because of public objections.

Before you consign your letter to the bin, or write a response, you may find this link useful #mce_temp_url#

Jeremy Leach, who lives in Sutherland Square, has written about the site in SE1. There’s a petition you can sign if you feel so moved, and advice about how to oppose the planning application.

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2 Responses to Carter Place Development

  1. abbeycourt says:

    There are eighty-eight signatures on the petition so far. I don’t know how many are needed, but I’m guessing quite a few more.

  2. Jeremy Leach says:

    We have now got 250 paper petitions (many thanks to Shelagh for all her help) and another 100 at the online petition.

    If you go to

    there are easy links to help sign the petition (30 seconds) or (much more important and effective) object to the planning application (5 minutes or so). If you could simply write about why it is an important space on the Walworth Rd that would be great – we have also listed some other points people might like to make.

    The consultation ends on 10th November so please get your comments in soon.

    Best wishes – Jeremy 020-7252-5331 or email

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