Carter Place Update from Jeremy

A brief note to say that at a packed Walworth Community Council Planning Meeting last night, the local Councillors voted to defer a decision on the application to build on the garden in order for further consultation to be undertaken by the Council and for more background information to be gathered.
This may sound disappointing but it is not. Had the planning application been rejected then almost certainly the developer would have immediately appealed the decision to the Planning Inspector and the application would be granted.
We now have more time to build the case against the development.
If you would like to read a fabulous blow-by-blow account of what happened then have a look at the excellent People’s Republic of Southwark weblink below (just right click to open in a new window/tab):
This is where the hard work starts now. The local Councillors really understand the significance of this garden, local people and people throughout Southwark really care about it, the planning authorities are trying to move it through the system as quickly as possible.
Do say if you do not want to receive any more info about this; otherwise we will keep you updated with how things progress – do say if you would like to get more involved. If you have any technical knowledge of Planning Law, Planning, Architecture or Urban Design or know anyone who does and might be willing to help us, we would love to hear from you.
Many many thanks for your support.
Best wishes – Jeremy
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