J challenged a stranger in the car park the other day who was fiddling with a bike.

Mine as it happens.

He claimed to be fixing it for his girlfriend Sarah in flat 37.

J called the police.

They haven’t turned up yet.

The handle bars of my bike and the brake cables are hanging loose.

So watch out, there are intruders about.

J is going to post more details soon.


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2 Responses to Intruders

  1. juliewulie says:

    Sorry for the long delay but as usual the police didn’t arrive so there is no more news on this post!!

    • abbeycourt says:

      Thanks Julie. I got my bike fixed by Patrick at Motor Tech and fortunately it wasn’t very expensive, so I didn’t need a crime number for the insurance.
      However, there is evidence that we have had more recent intruders, so it would be good if everyone at AC were to be as proactively neighbourly as you were.

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