Please be a considerate neighbour!

Dear Residents,

Recently I have had a few complaints from Abbey Court residents:-

  •  about washing machines being on late at night. Washing machines can only be used between the hours of 8am and 10pm! Especially as some spin cycles are so strong you can feels as if we are having a mini earthquake!!!
  • Also be careful about using other implements such as hoovers, juicers, food processors late at night or early mornings – as these too can be pretty noisy.
  • All the main doors are spring loaded so the close behid you- please ensure the doors are closed without SLAMMING as this is also really noisy and not great for the paint work.
  • There should be no smoking on the communal hallways

Hope this is all clear- any issues, please contact the committee


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2 Responses to Please be a considerate neighbour!

  1. Juliewulie says:

    I completely agree with the ‘consideration’ post. There are also issues of inside doors – how many times can anybody open and slam their doors shut? Why is our top landing being used as an extension of somebody’s flat – shoe rack and other paraphanalia – massive health and safety/fire issue!!
    We have a HUGE car park for 21 cars so I wonder why on two consecutive nights one car chose to park so close to my drivers door that I couldn’t fully open it and the next night the other one parked so close to my passenger door that I couldn’t fully open it? Doh there are 21 spaces and if 3 or 4 of them are being used please park leaving enough space between cars – not really rocket science is it guys??
    It isd 11pm as I write and the racket and clattering and banging going on in block 3 is unbelievable. Off for some zzzzzz’s now and let’s hope those very loud clattering high heels don’t stomp up or down at 3.30am, good night…………..

    • abbeycourt says:

      Hope you slept well after all that Juliewulie.

      My pet noise hates are loud televisions when I am sitting quietly reading; conversations outside my front door that make me feel invaded; too loud conversations (often in mobile ‘phones) in the car park that I can hear all too clearly inside. 🙂

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