Hedges for Protection and Privacy

Here are a few pictures of another shared garden, as discussed at the AGM,  where hedges, some of lavender, some of rosemary, one of privet (I think) have been used to create spaces within the garden. It’s in Suffolk, where they have been experiencing drought conditions since the spring, and the gardeners come once a month. We could have such a hedge between the car park area and the main piece of grass (I can’t really call it a lawn). It should help protect the grass, and provide privacy for residents who want to sit outside. Similarly, hedges of lavender or rosemary could be planted between the parking spaces and the flats to screen noise and lights.

There’s also one picture of a pergola.

Any comments?

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3 Responses to Hedges for Protection and Privacy

  1. abbeycourt says:

    I should be there again at the weekend, so if anyone wants a picture of something in particular, maybe a close up, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

  2. Martin says:

    I like the idea of putting in a few hedges to make the garden seem a bit more private and set off from the car park.

  3. abbeycourt says:

    The rosemary is nice too because you can eat it and it smells good!
    Maybe this site might guide us:

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