plumbers and drains

Hi all. There’s recently been a discussion between some of us about the drains round the back of the flats and some problems with overflow. Helpfully I think that the main problem is now in hand and is being dealt with.

However, I realise I still have some problems with the drainage outside my flat and am willing when I get a plumber round to get him/her to have a quick look at all the outside pipework and informally let me know whether there’s anything else we should be worrying about.

Does anyone have any recommendations of plumbers they could let me have? If there are any issues anyone particularly wants looking at, let me know as well.




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One Response to plumbers and drains

  1. abbeycourt says:

    I have been very happy with work done by the plumber another resident recommended. He is called John, and his mobile is 07796922340.

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