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Sutherland Residents’ Association Annual General Meeting – Minutes


7pmWednesday 7th September 2011 – Meeting Held at18 Sutherland Square.


Present:  Wendy Watson,  Peter Stevenson, Harriet Hill, Ken Dale (Southwark Council), Toby Steed, Peta Steed, Marek Drewicz, Jim Fleming, Nick Gibson, Jeremy Leach, Celia Harvey, Paul Harvey,  Marcelo Spinelli, Norma Vaughan, Maia Baker, Andrew Dewdney, Helen Compston, Jane Leek, Anthony Kelly, Set Ferrier, Shelagh Farren.


Apologies: Robert & Josephine Harris, Mark Evans, Reinhild Weiss, Bridget Burke, Joel Bradley, Charles Harvey, Pru Daniels,


1. Home Security & Anti-Social Behaviour. Presentation by Ken Dale Southwark Council. Southwark Anti-Social Behaviour Unit.


  • Ken works in the Walworth area to tackle serious disorder. He leads the Council’s work on dangerous dogs, Class A drug use and is working on the recent disorder. He can be contacted by phone on 020-7525-5777 – which has a 24 hour helpline for anti-social behaviour (this number can also be used to discuss confidentially issues about individual households) or by email at
  • He is working on Penrose Estate on a number of issues. He said that it would be helpful if residents are asked for money to inform him as to when and where that occurs. If dangerous dogs are seen, he can help too.
  • If Ken cannot himself help in relation to an issue he will be able to pull together the other agencies (eg licensing) that need to get involved.
  • Ken has received complaints about dogs from S Sq and S Walk going through to the Penrose Estate and not clearing up their mess. It is OK to walk through the estate with the dog on a lead but if dog mess is created then it needs to be cleaned up. Officers will be watching out for issues relating to dog nuisance on the Penrose Estate.


Questions/Issues Raised:


  • Visible alcohol consumption. There has been increased alcohol consumption on the Walworth Rd. Ken confirmed that this is an issue that is being targeted for action. This leads to problems with urinating in the street (eg by theIcelandentrance onMcLeod St). There are similar problems too inPasleyParkand Sutherland Walk. Ken confirmed that extra activity had been targeted atPasleyParkand would be targeted in Sutherland Walk.
  • Noisy Neighbours. Ken works closely with the noise enforcement teams. The enforcement team aims to get to your address within an hour if you make a complaint. Shouting and ongoing noise nuisance is more an issue for Ken’s team than the noise team; if it is a general nuisance then the ASB team will try to negotiate with the household involved.
  • Although there is no CCTV in the S Sq and S Walk residents felt that this could be an advantage in terms of deterrence of crime. In his experience,  Ken is uncertain as to the benefits of CCTV in preventing crime (eg the looting in the riot).


2. Residents’ Association Finances. – Treasurer’s Report and Bank Account update.


  • We have closed the old Halifax bank account and are trying to open a new one with NatWest.
  • The issue of the payment of insurance for the community garden was raised as it represents such a large proportion of our costs per year. Jeremy needs to undertake research as to the effect of stopping of paying the community garden insurance.
  • A very kind contribution of £20 has been received from the residents ofAbbey Courtto support our residents association.
  • The meeting thanked Paul and Pru for their great work as joint treasurers and especially helping to get the association’s finances back on track.
  • Below is the Treasurer’s Report showing the state of the association’s accounts


Statement of Accounts for Sutherland Resident’s Association up to September 2011




Money reclaimed from originalSRAbank account                £907.47

2011 subscriptions                                                                           £200.00

Sausage Sizzle Raffle                                                                       £  52.00

Payment from NatWest (for losing accounts info)  £  50.00




Paid to Andrew and Catherine Dewdney for
expenditure on rent and insurance                                             £647.85

Payment for insurance to BjK                                                        £227.23


Balance                                                                                                 £ 334.39


Further Planned Expenditure
Norma Vaughan – £50 allowance for plants etc forCommunityGarden (see point 4 below)

Paying Network Rail peppercorn rent for CommunityGarden– approx. £70


Resulting Balance                                                                            £214.39


3. Changes to management of rubbish collection.


  • Main planned changes are:

–    Veolia (Southwark Council contractor) aims to provide us with blue bins for recycling items. These will replace the blue boxes.

–    The green bins will remain for non-recyclable items.

–    The brown bins will take garden waste and non-meat food items.

–    Blue boxes for recycling can still be used for newspapers etc.

–    The collection calendar will be published by the end of September.

–    October 3rd is the planned date for change.

  • Wendy and Jeremy to meet with Veolia to discuss the implications for our area.
  • Nick mentioned fly tipping in Sutherland Walk – Baron Jon by the wall. This location is used by shops and others who fly tip a variety of items there.
  • Photo evidence of this is needed and then Wendy and Jeremy to take up with Ken Dale and Veolia.


4. Community Garden.


  • Norma does not like what goes on in theCommunityGardenwith people using as a toilet and worse and she would a) like to get the trees pruned back and b) would like to clean up the garden.
  • Norma is thinking of removing some of the small trees so that more light can come in and reveal who is sleeping in there and going to the toilet there.
  • Agreed a date of date of Saturday  Sat 8th Oct for a community garden clean up that would also include improving some of the flower beds in the square. Please do come along – bring thick gloves and strong footwear. 10am start in the community garden.
  • Jeremy to check with Cynthia who has made enormous efforts in the garden over the years to ensure that she is happy with what is being proposed .
  • The meeting agreed to give £50 to Norma to help her buy plants in the future and thanked her for all the work that she does in the square.
  • A grant of up to £200 has been given provisionally by the Walworth Community Council to repair the small wall that surrounds the community garden by the electricity substation.


5. Issues in the Sutherland Square, Sutherland Walk & MacLeod St area.


  • Offer from Southwark Council to provide lockable cycle storage. Is of interest but of concern about the issues of visual impact in our conservation area. (In reality this funding is more for estates than private residences at present).
  • There was a suggestion that theIcelandlorries may stop using the square owing to a change in the type of trailers being used. Outside Jenny’s the kerb stone has been damaged. Council lorries tend to go the fastest.
  • Corner shop – 5 years left on his lease we understand. Building is privately owned by a company. What are our options in relation to the role of the shop? We will attempt to find out what the plans of the landlord are.


6. Wider Walworth issues including E&C regeneration.


Below is the link to the principal regeneration website:


The latest plans and ideas can be seen at:,65,clg_presentation_sept.pdf


 7. Social Activities & Plans For Future Meetings.


  • Yes to a Sausage Sizzle in summer 2012 but not first weekend July; aim too to avoid Olympics and Football. Perhaps hold it a week before the Olympics begin and have events for children.
  • Residents Association Christmas Event 2011 – all details to be agreed but time and date is Saturday 10th December at3pm.


8. AGM – Election of Committee & Officers.


  • The elections of the Officers were as follows:

–    Chair – Jeremy Leach. Proposed by Harriet; seconded by Peta.

–    Joint Treasures(s) – Pru Daniels & Paul Harvey proposed by Toby; seconded by Set.

–    Secretary – Joel Bradley – Proposed by Peter; seconded by Andrew.

  • All the officers were elected unanimously.
  • Anthony Kelly was elected to the committee having been proposed by Jane and seconded by Peta. Other committee members are unchanged.


9. Pasley Park.


  • There is a Friends of Pasley Park meeting on Monday 19th September at7pm at the Pasley T&RA Hall inStopford Rd that will give details of the major improvements planned for the park.
  • There will be a special day in the park on Saturday 15th October from11am to5pm with a wide variety of special events.
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