Facebook- Friends of Abbey Court


As we have the Blog page , I was wondering if we had a “Friends of Abbey Court”  facebook page..

If anyone has objections please let me know- as I am aware not everyone believes in these type of sites.

It can be a private page for member only, so there should be limited security issues.

My other thoughts were we could ask residents of  Sutherland Square- so it could be a joint site?

 Please let me know your thoughts- as I am more than happy to set this up and we can have various administrators etc.

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2 Responses to Facebook- Friends of Abbey Court

  1. abbeycourt says:

    You could link a Facebook page here. I don’t use Facebook and don’t really want to start, but I am guessing the two could compliment each other. I believe the more we use them, the more people will join in. And some may prefer one medium to the other.

  2. libbylocket says:

    Facebook page set up……………..
    We have 11 members already
    We are called Abbey Court and our email address is:-
    if you want to find us…
    Good Luck

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