Lousy Litter

Dear all,
It seems that some one has dumped excessive packaging outside the bin sheds today!
It looks like some one got a new cooker from Argos.
Please- who ever got this delivered, dispose of the waste correctly ASAP.
Cardboard can be broken down and put in the re-cycle bins behind the bin shed and the plastic can be put in general waste bins inside the bin sheds.
This sort of dumping is unacceptable and will no be tolerated.
Please who ever this belongs to contact me, or if any one is aware who’s flat it belongs to- feel free to contact me.
(Pls can Abbey Court writer  put on the blog)


The Committee.

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2 Responses to Lousy Litter

  1. abbeycourt says:

    I posted this on behalf of the Committee before seeing the rubbish.
    It is an eyesore.
    I really hope whoever dumped it will clear it up and take onboard that we are a community, and when people do things like this it is disrespectful to all of us.
    Not nice. 😦

    • abbeycourt says:

      I cleared a whole mess of litter yesterday morning. the binshed door was open on the garden side, and there was a big black bag on the step that the foxes had evidently been at.

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