The Walworth Society

This society is being launched, I understand, on Tuesday, but the venue has not been publicised.

It was being talked about some months ago.

If anyone else has more up to date or useful info, please could they post it in the comments box.


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One Response to The Walworth Society

  1. abbeycourt says:


    Please do come along to the inaugural meeting of the Walworth Society on Tuesday 22nd November. The meeting starts at 7pm and is being held in the Consultation Hub at 182-184 Walworth Rd (many thanks to Soundings & Lend Lease for the venue). Amongst other things our aims are to adopt a constitution at the meeting, elect officers and a committee and to start to work out some initial tasks. Do please come along if you can.

    Any queries do please get in touch. Best wishes – Jeremy 020-7252-5331

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