Collecting Home project and Home From Home exhibition – Cuming museum

Local artist and writer duo, Eva Sajovic and Sarah Butler, are in residence at the Cuming Museum, November 2011 – January 2012.

We are working with residents local to The Cuming Museum, Walworth, to explore themes of collection and home, and to re-imagine, re-interpret and re-present the museum collection both within and outside of the building.

We are asking local residents to select objects from their own lives, which they would put into a museum: objects that represent themselves, their home lives, or the history of the area. We are making a new exhibition within the museum showcasing these local objects (either their stories, or the objects themselves).

Please, get in touch if you are willing to talk to us. To see what we have been doing so far please see our or email:

The next dates we are at the museum are:  13 Dec  – morning  |  16 Dec – all day  |  19, 20 and 21 Dec. And 8 Dec at 6pm for artist/writer’s talk (this will be to do with the Collecting Home project but also Home From Home project – our previous and long term project that is currently exhibited at the Cuming museum. That is also where from you can collect a copy of Home From Home book)  Please let us know if you are able/interested in taking part and we will agree on a convenient time.

Also, Mon 5 Dec – Wed 7 Dec we are working from a stall in E&C shopping centre (outside Superdrug) collecting people’s stories (and objects) and creating a collective story-map.



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  1. abbeycourt says:

    Thanks for this. I’ll pop over to your blog in a mo’.

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