Tulip Days

Beautiful as these tulips are, there has been a rather disappointing show in the garden this spring.

A few years ago, after consultations with residents about what they wanted, we began a planned planting. It was suspended due to cash problems. As Sutherland Square used to be the site of a celebrated flower nursery, particularly known for its tulips, a whole range of tulip bulbs were planted.

Some of the prettiest were under the cherry tree, pink and white to echo the blossom.

This year, the only tulips we have are the red ones. Next year I hope those planting plans will have been revived, and the ideas suggested by the residents for a greener, more eco friendly garden with defined spaces will start to take shape.

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5 Responses to Tulip Days

  1. Xel says:

    More daffodils too. In the grass where you can see them from indoors.

  2. Xel says:

    Yes. Just like them.

  3. libbylocket says:

    I think the squirrels or rats must have ate the bulbs.
    If any one want to buy bulbs to the value of £15 – I can reimburse them in cash if they want to take this task on…I suggest planting them under the cherry tree is a prefect place.

    A receipt will be required..

    Alternatively in the late autumn use some of the empty tubs near the bin shed for some colour…

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