Insect Mansions

Insect mansions are bigger, more imaginative versions of the little insect houses you find.

Some are very grand. But they are not difficult to construct, and they provide vital habitats for ladybirds and other helpful garden insects.

Insect mansions are increasingly popular and widespread and appear at the best addresses, adding interest to gardens and reflecting the increasing awareness for eco-friendly environments.

The Chelsea Flower Show last summer featured some very fancy ones. You can see them by clicking here.

There has even been a competition for architects to design insect mansions for prestigious London locations. you can see the designs by clicking here.

This site shows a more humble selection.

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3 Responses to Insect Mansions

  1. xel says:

    Cool! When do we build one?

    • abbeycourt says:

      I should love to build one, but it would be good to make up some designs first. They can be very attractive or pretty ugly, and of course we would want the attractive one!

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