Yum, Yum, Yum

Delightful though Walworth is for many things, there isn’t a huge choice when it comes to eating out.
The area’s eateries tend more to caffs than cafés. Restaurants are fairly thin on the ground. So if you want a change from La Luna, or Mama Thai’s, you’ve had enough of what Dragon Castle and The Beehive have to offer where can you go?
Nearby Kenningon has a good choice of places to eat, including Gandhi’s which became famous when Alistair Darling arranged for a take-away to be delivered from there to Number Eleven, just before we learned the economy had gone belly up. There’s the ever reliable Pizza Express, the Prince of Wales pub, and The Black Prince as well as several other establishments.
Still within walking distance, but just that little bit further is Vauxhall. LASSCO’s does a mean coffee and has a daily menu. The Bonnington Café has a deservedly good reputation for vegan and vegetarian meals. I’ve not eaten at the Black Dog, but all the people I have seen tucking in look pretty happy.
One of the newest ventures, celebrating nine months in business, is the Tea House Theatre. As well as delicious cakes, they serve hot snacks during the week and a full roast on Sundays. Housed in what was a pretty ghastly pub, the Queen Anne, which I am sure some of you will remember giving a wide berth to, it is owned by Harry. Harry is keen on building community links. So there are film nights, a knitting group, regular poetry events. He’s hoping a community choir will soon rehearse there, and there is soon to be stand up. In these days of chains of restaurants dominating our high streets, it is refreshing to see an independent who sees his business firmly at the centre of the community. Food is locally sourced as much as possible, and there are plans to start baking bread on the premises too.
I had hoped to have a birthday tea there yesterday, but it was closed for a Sunday Times Style photo shoot.
So where are your tips for places to eat locally? Do you recommend a particular café, pub or restaurant?
Come on, share!

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