Recycling Blues

If you have ever ventured behind the binshed at the 1-3 end of the block, you may have noticed these bins.


They may look happy enough just sitting there, but these three bins are abused on an almost weekly basis. 

Firstly there are the builders. These friendly folk who transform your flat into the place of your dreams often don’t respect our poor blue trio. They cram them full of polystyrene and thick polythene, bulky boxes and even bits of discarded kitchen and bathroom stuff that the bins cannot cope with.

Secondly there are the well-intentioned recyclers who carefully collect their cardboard and empty jars, but forget that the bins are not for plastic bags. Poor bins.

Thirdly there are those who collect bottles, jars and tins but do not wash them before feeding them to the bins, so the poor bins smell bad and attract flies.

Fourthly, there are people who confuse rubbish that cannot be recycled with the bins true diet.

It can be confusing but if you look here all should become clear.

At some point we are likely to be fined by the council if we put the wrong things in these bins. So be kind them and to the rest of us, only use them for their correct purpose.


Coming shortly: what you put in the compost bin. 

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One Response to Recycling Blues

  1. abbeycourt says:

    It was very disappointing to open the recycling bins and again find them full of plastic bags. I have taken some out, but it is the responsibility of everyone to make sure only recyclable items go in these bins. If you see someone putting the wrong things there, please speak to them. They may not be aware.

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