Please, No Plastic Bags or Wrappers in the Recycling Bins

I have just been down to put some stuff in the recycling bins and found a oad of palstic bags, and polythene wrapping in one of them.

I have removed it all, but I am not happy. i am doing this all too regularly.

The council does not accept plastic bags and polythene in the recycling bins.

Please remember this, and sort your rubbish accordingly.

Many thanks.

This is what is says about plastics on the council website:

Household plastic packaging can be recycled as part of your household recycling collection service. This includes plastic drinks bottles, toiletry bottles, household cleaning product bottles, plastic food trays, yoghurt pots, plastic lids and tops. Polythene wrappers and bags such as vegetable and salad bags, mailing wrappers, bread bags, multi-pack wrappers, and polystyrene packaging should be put in your household refuse bin.
Plastics marked as ‘degradable’ or ‘biodegradable’ cannot be recycled. You could try and compost these at home or put them in your household refuse bin.

Plastic bags
Plastic carrier bags are not biodegradable and stay buried in landfill sites for hundreds of years. Try and take reusable bags shopping. Plastic bags can be reused as bin liners for small bins or you can take them to bag recycling bins in large supermarkets. Otherwise, put them in your household refuse bin.

I hope that helps make things clear.

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