When I set this blog up, I was really hoping people would share details of people who had done work on their flats. I always prefer to employ someone who has been recommended to me.
I have a problem with my immersion heater. John, the lovely plumber recommended by Fiona and Steve is away on holiday.
Luckily, when I collected Bo’sun from the Cattery on Wednesday, they told me about Steve the Considerate Plumber.
Actually, I saw Jason as Steve is also on holiday. He was pleasant and competent. The proof will be when the new component arrives and is fitted, but I am very happy with him so far.

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One Response to Plumbers

  1. abbeycourt says:

    Just to add that Steve is both considerate and professional. He is polite, doesn’t do unnecessary work, and has reasonable rates. he turns up when he says he will, and surely the most important and convincing endorsement, both he and Jason have ginger cats.

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