What Do You Want?

I expect everyone has had the email from Libby about the AGM. I don’t have it to hand, but she asked an important question about what sort of place we want Abbey Court to be.
I can’t attend the AGM as I shall be at the Paralympics that day, but this is my initial response to her question.
I want to live in a block of flats where everyone, owner or tenant, feels they have a stake in the place. A place where we feel we are part of a community that tackles things together. It was to promote the sense of community that I set up the blog. I am sad that more people don’t use it. It is not simply for notices and reminders. This can be a place where we share information about places we like, things we do, recipes, book swaps, things we sell. You can request help here. Post pictures. Anything.
We all have busy lives and meeting up in the real world can be hard. But communication about anything from the weather to the price of fish helps us to get to know each other and live here together.

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One Response to What Do You Want?

  1. abbeycourt says:

    One of the things I want is for the rain butt to be connected to the down pipe so that when it rains it gathers some water. Several years ago we spoke to people about they wanted in the garden. Those plans were shelved. I should like to see them and the garden committee revived. I’m even prepared to be on it again.

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