As everyone knows, the AGM has been postponed.
Let’s hope more of us are around when it takes place. Obviously the more people who can attend, the more chance there is of everyone feeling that they have a stake in where we live.
However, there are bound to be residents, owners and tenants who are not able to attend but still have something to say.

So for those people, there needs to be a mechanism in place where they can ask someone to vote for them by proxy.
For that to work, we need good notice of the agenda. Actually, advance notice is something we all need. It helps everyone to know what to expect, to have time to think about some of the items and make more thoughtful contributions for a fruitful meeting.

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One Response to AGM

  1. abbeycourt says:

    AGM will be Tuesday 25th September @ 8pm, All owners and Tenants welcome..
    Weather permitting in the Garden on Beehive Pub on Carter Street
    Drinks will be provided

    Run through last years AGM notes- these will be re-emailed to every one before AGM.
    Financial Records
    Committee members and Directors recruitment and voting if changes required
    Service Charge- rented flats to be increased to £100 per month from 1st Jan 2013 and owner inhabited service charge frozen @ £75
    Ground rent – Frozen @ £100 per annum
    Projects for Abbey Court for the next 2 years:-
    Strapping on hallways and deep clean of tiles in communal areas
    Interior/ Exterior paining due 2014
    Bin Sheds/ Storage areas
    Any other suggestions

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