Patrick at Motatech

If you are new to Abbey Court, or maybe have just got a car, you should know about this man:


Patrick is the owner of Motatech in Sutherland Square. you’ll find his garage in the railway arch.
At least four people at Abbey Court are his customers, and we can all vouch for him. He is friendly, helpful, reliable, and a big fan of Bob Marley.
So if you have been wondering where you can take your car, look no further. Patrick’s your man.
Actually, if you give him your keys, he’ll even collect your vehicle from the car park.
He’s helpful in other ways too, not just telling me my shoelaces are undone, he has fixed my bicycle when thieves tried to steal the handlebars, and is a mine of all sorts of useful information.
I had my best ever game of I-Spy at Motatech. Patrick’s then very young nephew was there.
“I spy with my little eye something beginning with u,” he said.
We searched high and low. A garage has all sorts of unusual and interesting things for this game. Finally we gave up. “What is it?” we asked, exhausted. “Uncle Patrick!” came the triumphant reply.

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