A Word from Time Out About Recycling

Some of you may have read this piece in Time Out about recycling.
It doesn’t work quite the same way at Abbey Court. For starters we have communal bins, and we have a communal composter.
We do have some recurring misconceptions though. Some of these have led to me pulling things out of the recycling bin because they don’t belong there. It’s not something I enjoy doing, so I’d be really pleased if everyone could pay attention, even if you are quite sure you are only placing recyclable items in these bins.
So please,
no plastic bags, some boroughs accept them, Southwark doesn’t;
no polythene wrapping;
no polystyrene;
no bubble wrap;
no old clothes or fabrics.

Onto compost.
Some composters are designed to take all food waste. Ours isn’t. So please,
no toast, in fact no bread at all;
no cooked foods;
no bones.

Maybe the committee could look into getting a container for waste cooked food if there is a demand. If you would like one, let the committee know please.

Happy New Year.

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