Lawn Love

I was interested to read this by gardener Lia Leendertz.

in periods of hot weather lawns can turn brown, and it is tempting to turn the hose on them. But lawns go dormant in these situations, not dead. When rains come they turn green again. If you can stay your hosepipe when all about you is turning brown, your grass will be back.

It is part of a longer article about lawns. You can read the whole thing here.

A meadow lawn with spaces for tables and chairs, looking beautiful, good for wildlife, nice to sit in, easier to maintain, could turn our unsatisfactory grass into something much more pleasing to the eye and ecologically sound to boot. It was one of the suggestions residents oput forward when they were consulted a few years ago about what they would like in the garden. It’s about time we implemented some of those ideas.

Lia Leendertz has a personal blog that is well worth reading, with recipes and gardening ideas. Click here to see it. She also writes a gardening blog for the Guardian. Here’s the link.

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