AGM thoughts

With the AGM due next month, it is time to focus our thoughts on what we want for Abbey Court.
My own top priorities would include things that have appeared on previous agendas but which have not yet been actioned: drain covers to stop leaves etc blocking them nad also to prevent twisted, or worse, broken, ankles; connecting the downpipe to the existing water butt to store water against dry times; the installation of smaller water butts against the downpipes of the building; organising the lawn space so that it is a sympathetic area of flowers and shrubs, with discreet areas – the gardens within gardens idea proposed quite a few years ago; a wild flwoer area to attract bees; a reminder to residents that voices from the garden travel into flats and that mobile phone calls seem to have particularly resonating properties.More probelms have arisen between neighbours at AC to do with noise than anything else. It behoves us all to be thoughtful.
I should also like to revsit the idea of growing plants that repel unwelcome visitors. Beach roses with their prodigous thorns might make an attractive yet effective barrier.
The area by the binsheds at the Walworth Road end is ripe for imaginative development. I’d love to hear ideas for what we might do there shared at this meeting.
Again, I am going to offer to share with Adam responsibility for developing the garden into a shared space with private areas, fragrant paths, things to eat. Our garden is unwontedly dull and unimaginative. It could be a really attractive part of our homes, and a great selling point for vendors.

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