Lovely Walls

Living at Abbey Court, we get used to the walls. sometimes it takes a visitor’s joy in them to look again and realise how lucky we are to have this gentle brickwork with the traces of colour and plaster from years gone by.
They make a soft setting for our plants and flowers.

Walls and Hollyhocks

Walls and Hollyhocks

Walls and Cosmos

Walls and Cosmos

The grapevine from over our neighbour’s garden on the back wall is attractive in summer, and as the grapes ripen in autumn, the walls are the perfect background.
Last week I found the gardeners intent on ripping all the climbers from the top of the wall. It’s to protect them, I was told. Otherwise moisture is trapped and the walls are endangered.
However, the Royal Horticultural Society has different advice, saying that it is a popular misconception that all vines and climbers damage walls. The ones to watch are evergreens, particularly ivies, and we don’t have those. We used to have the destructive Russian vine, but that has now been cleared.
The vines on our walls will die away in the next weeks, so that soon they will be bare again until next spring.
In the shady wall behind the cherry tree, maybe one of these would be rather nice.

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7 Responses to Lovely Walls

  1. libbylocket says:

    Just hope they don’t fall down on us? As the people on the other side don’t care and it’s like a dumping ground!!

    • abbeycourt says:

      Some of our walls need repointing, but the vines as they are should not be a problem. See the RHS for advice. They counsel that many people wrongly assume all vines and climbers damage walls, and that it is specific vines that are a problem, particularly evergreens.
      Which neighbours have you contacted and about what?

  2. libbylocket says:

    It’s lovely to have the flowers and foliage over the summer. However aa autumn is approaching and we are getting all the drains and guttering cleaned – it’s imperative to clear away as much foliage as possible before the leaves start shedding.
    As am discussed and agreed in AGM.
    Those who attended would be aware of what was discussed – minutes send to those who’s apologies were received .

    • abbeycourt says:

      I am sure you’d agree that colour and beauty in the garden is welcome all year round, and the autumn colours of the vines, and soon of the strawberry tree fruit, all thanks to neighbours, make this a special time of year.
      It is important to clear up dropped leaves and keep drains and gutters clear, but there are no drains or gutters by the walls photographed here.
      I shall look forward to seeing the minutes. As I you know, Isinec I alerted you in advance, I was unable to make the meeting.
      All residents should receive copies whether or not they sent apologies. This is a community. Communities are built by including, not excluding.

      • libbylocket says:

        Sorry I never got an apology from you!
        Leaves blow about in Autumn and we are risk managing the drain situation both main and flat drains are being assessed.
        As several flats have damp issues so drains are the first point if call- fingers crossed it’s an easy win!
        Also the air bricks vents are also being looked at potentially replaced too..

        The vines actually drain oxygen out if the walls thus causing a drying effect making crumbling more apparent.

      • abbeycourt says:

        Checked this out with a builder cousin who is also a conservationist and works with gardeners.
        Once they stopped laughing, they assured me this is completely untrue. Plants generate oxygen, they do not consume it. So it seems someone has been playing a little joke.
        I shall be very pleased to see drain covers on all the drains. As you know this has been a concern of mine for some time. Also netting over the drains to stop things that should not enter the drainage system from falling in and it would be a good idea to put those little mesh caps over the top of the down pipes. I have seen them for sale at Homebase.

  3. Zelig says:

    If this is a Russian vine, get rid of it at once. They are terrible things. But grape vines do no damage, and protect walls. They most certainly do not drain oxygen from walls, that is complete and utter nonsense.
    Never burn leaves, they can release toxins. Use them as mulch on beds and even on lawns.

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