Late Night Licence Request

I have received the following from Wendy, one of our neighbours from Sutherland Square flagging up a late licence request for a new business which is to open on the Walworth Road, opposite Sutherland Walk. Please read it and, should you share her concerns, write to the addresses she has thoughtfully supplied.

Many thanks.

321_321 Walworth Road SE17 2TG

May I draw your attention to the fact that Kaspars has applied for a licence to serve refreshments between 11pm and 4am the next morning, 7 days a week. Their proposed opening hours are 7am every day and they do not need any form of licence until 11pm (unless they want to serve liquor, which they say they do not).

As Sutherland Walk/Square is the nearest parking to the unit (off the main road) the proposed late opening will bring more traffic into the area at anti-social hours causing noise and a nuisance when most people will be hoping to have a good night’s sleep.

It also seems that this unit has an established Planning use as retail (A1) and, normally, planning permission would be needed to change to the intended use (A3). No planning application has been made but planning consent for change of use could include conditions about opening hours.

Obviously we don’t want to take away someone’s living and I am sure an ice cream parlour will be appreciated by many people if the hours were, say, until no later than midnight.

It would greatly help the residents if you could oppose these uncivilised hours by writing to:
The Licensing Service, c/o Southwark Environmental Health & Trading Standards, 3rd Floor Hub 2, 160 Tooley Street, London SE1 5LX
Alternatively you can make comments on line if you look at the application at:
and click on the link:
‘Lodge an objection’ in the middle of the page.

More information about grounds for objection can be seen at:

Here is the link to the Planning Register, which shows the consent for the shopfront but not A3 use:

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