Books For Sale

I am guessing most residents are aware of Cookie, the grey tabby who has relocated from her home in the fried chicken shop at the end of the street to our garden, much to Bo’sun’s dismay.

What you may not know is that a small local charity has paid for her to be vaccinated and checked over; she has been treated for fleas and worms; two residents are taking her in, feeding her and keeping an eye on her; and we hope the shop owners will give us permission to rehome her away from Abbey Court.

So my idea is to raise some money to pay for ongoing food and for flea treatments (though very kindly, a neighbour in the Square has offered to provide the next one she needs), and to make a donation to the charity which helped us with the kittens last year, and with two stray cats that fetched up in the garden.

There will be more books as I cull my shelves. I swear they breed when I’m out.

I am feeling quite noble about this as Cookie has indirectly cost me around £300 in vets’ bills as the stress of having her in his face has caused Bo’sun to develop crystals in his urine, pain and difficulty peeing. Additionally, he has had to go on a special diet to deal with the crystals and is on medication for the timebeing. However, if you want to help out with Bo’sun’s vet bills, I have a limited number of calendars of the Ginger Ninja for sale, £8 each, professionally printed, which I can show you on request.

So if you want any of these books, I am asking 50p each, or five for £2.

The Road Home – Rose Tremain
The Lollipop Shoes – Joanne Harris
Into Danger – Kate Adie
Life On Earth – David Attenborough
The Dust of Death – Paul Charles
McCarthy’s Bar – Pete McCarthy
VIII – HM Castor
The Long Song – Andrea Levy
Walk Britain
Tears of the Giraffe – Alexander McCall Smith
What Am I Doing Here? – Bruce Chatwin

That’s the lot for the moment.

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