Garden Questionnaire

Before we meet to talk over our ideas for the garden, here is a questionnaire to help focus our thoughts.

It was devised by a gardener in another part of the country who has experience working with set ups like ours.

Fiona, the CEO of Walworth Garden Farm, who has seen it, thinks it is a good idea.

You can answer it on the blog, email me, or print it and pop it with your comments through the letterbox (flat 21). You can leave your name/flat number or be anonymous.



Do you use the gardens now?

What’s preventing you using the gardens?

How would you like to use them in the future?

What would you like to see incorporated, eg furniture, wild flower area etc?

Are there any problems with security/privacy?

How would you like to be involved – hands on, part of gardening committee or just kept informed?

There are some more follow up sections that I’ll post later.

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