Looking to the future, garden questionaire cont

How would you like to use the  garden in the future? 

Looking forward, how would you like to use the garden in the future?

Just the same way you do now, or are the other things you’d like to do there?

Maybe you’d like set up an easel and paint; organise a social event for the neighbours; meditate.There are more questions to come, so don’t worry about the hows, whys and wherefores at the minute, or things we would need to buy or change; this is just to get you thinking about how  you would like to use the garden in the future.

If you haven’t answered the previous questions – How do you use the garden now, and if you don’t or you don’t use it as much as you might, what prevents you from using it? – click here and add your opinion. All you need is an email to be able to post a comment, but your first comment will bre held in moderation.

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2 Responses to Looking to the future, garden questionaire cont

  1. JK says:

    Thanks for the further questions!

    As we are currently discussing about storage issues, may it would be a good idea to have something installed in the garden, which can be used for example storing cleaning tools and garden equipments, so that residents can use the cupboard space as communual storage – there’s definitely a need for more communual storage space for some residents.

    Added to that, if more private spots will be created, I would be more willing to spend time in the garden during the summer months, for coffee breaks / reading / browsing the internet / sunbathing etc. 🙂

    • Twenty-One says:

      Sorry to have taken so long to reply to your comment. Have you used the garden more now there is one seat at the railway bridge end of the garden and one bench on the grass?

      It would be helpful if people took photographs of small spaces which are laid out imaginatively to give us some ideas. They could be posted here where everyone who wanted could see them.

      Over to you, Jo!

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