Compost Conduct for the Good of the Planet (and Abbey Court)

There have been some concerns recently about the way some residents are using our compost bins.
I suspect I am not the only person to remove household rubbish, slices of bread and other cooked food that has been left there. I do not believe it is beyond the wit of residents at Abbey Court to overcome this problem; maybe some residents are unfamiliar with composting and just assume all food waste and containers belong there.

So, some tips re using the compost bin:

Remember it is for uncooked fruit and veg waste only.

Fruit flies are a necessary part of the process so we want some, but they are particularly attracted by sweet things, so wrap your fruit in newspaper to prevent a fruit fly invasion.

In hot weather it’s a good idea to put a layer of shredded paper and cardboard in the bin to cover the contents every week or so.

Make sure the lid is replaced properly on the compost bin.

It’s a shame that not everyone uses the rubbish bins, recycling bins and compost areas properly. However, that is not a reason to throw up our hands and give up.

Putting organic waste into the general rubbish means it ends up in landfill where, as there is no oxygen, it breaks down anaerobically, producing methane gas contributing to climate crisis.

On the other hand, a compost bin allows aerobic decomposition, producing carbon dioxide, not methane.

You may think your bunch of daffodils, potato peelings or overripe strawberries won’t much difference to the planet, but consider them multiplied by the number of flats at Abbey Court, and you’ll quickly appreciate that just this one block of flats can have quite an effect.

So you whatever you do does make a difference, whether for good or for bad.

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