Not a Good Week

It’s not been a great week here at Abbey Court.

First bike wheel thefts and now this.


I don’t know who was responsible for this damage to the wall, but I do hope they have fessed up and are going to take full responsibilty for the wall to be made good as quickly as possible. Otherwise that is an unexpected and totally avoidable expense for AC residents to have to meet.

On Thursday night some neighbours had the wheels of their bikes stolen. This was probably an opportunistic crime, facilitated by the side gates being left open. There have been people using the garden and car park who are doing work on flats here.

If you employ people please tell them they must shut the gates, as open gates compromise our security. If they answer, as they often do, that they are around, point out to them that they do not know who lives here, and so are not in the position to tell if someone who comes through the gate and starts to do something to a bike, car or whatever has the right to be here or not.

However, it’s not only workers who compromise our security. This afternoon I found the gate on Macleod Street wide open and no one in sight. There are also people who come and go using the car park but who do not live here. So far as I am aware, only Joe and Bob have permission to do this, but there are quite clearly others who somehow have access.

While it is the case that we leave our cars, bikes and other belongings in the garden at our own risk, it is hardly fair when others carelessly increase that risk and we suffer the consequences.

It turns out that a bike was stolen from the garden of a house in the square earlier in the week. It’s probably a good idea to be extra vigilant at the moment and to ask anyone we don’t recognise what their business is if we see them in the car park. Certainly it was  because one of the neighbours challenged someone a few years back that my own bike was not stolen.

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