Fox Holes

Why, you may be asking yourself, have our local foxes suddenly developed such a mania for archaeology? The grassy areas of the garden are full of little and not so little inspection trenches.


The answer lies in the weather. It rained last week, and tasty worms, beetle larvae and caterpillars  have come to near the surface. Okay it’s unsightly, and at this time of year I for one prefer asparagus, but we are due a run of dry weather, so this behaviour will stop., we can fill the holes and the grass will grow again.

The upside is those  caterpillars would that would have grown up to be moths that like to eat our clothes and carpets. So it’s not all bad.

More good news is our lonely water butt from which only a trickle of water was coming after the very dry spring we have had  is now happily dispensing a good flow.

If only the matter of residents putting unsuitable items such as polystyrene, kitchen towels, textiles, cellophane and plastic bags into the recycling bins could be resolved so easily.

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