Abbey Court Guidelines, An A-Z

January 2012.
Suthwalk Management Limited
1-21 Abbey Court
MacLeod Street
SE17 3HA

Information Sheet

This occurs around September. 4 weeks notice is given

Bin Room/ Sheds
The bin rooms are for general household waste only. This is removed by the council on a weekly basis on a Thursday. The front doors are locked to prevent fly tipping. Access for disposal is via the steps at the back. All residents should have a key for these doors, please contact the committee if you do not. Do not dump rubbish outside as this encourages vermin and foxes. Lights are now activated upon the doors opening. Please do not put other items such as beds, fridges etc in the bin room as they will not be removed. Southwark Council will remove such items, if given advanced notice- see Southwark.

Bike Rack
Is installed in garden; however bikes are left at owners’ risk.



All residents and tenants are welcome to become contributors and to use this as a way of building a community forum or online notice board. You will need to create a wordpress identity to be an author. Contact flat 21 with any questions.

Car Park
There is a general informality about car park spaces. Please be considerate if leaving early in the morning or late at night- parking at the far side, as engine and lights can be intrusive especially on ground floor flat. Please ensure your cars do not hang over the kerb as this causes problems eg when the gardeners come to cut the grass etc.

Spare fobs for gates are available to purchase @ £35.

Cash Converters
The red door facing on to the garden is opened at times – only for a fire or fire drills. If you see the door open at any other time, please ask the manager of the store to close it ASAP.

The communal hallways are cleaned weekly.

The bin sheds are swept out by the gardeners

Committee Members
Flat 4 Sapna
Flat 8 Maria
Flat 16 Jenniw
Flat 19 Libby

Communal Hallways
The lighting and smoke alarms are checked regularly.
Please do not smoke in communal areas.
Hallways and Landings must be kept free form general items and not used as extra storage space for the flats, as access may be needed in case of fire evacuation or other emergencies.

The communal doors sometimes swell up at certain times of the year depending on weather conditions; they can be adjusted so they do not bang shut. Merely twist the screw on the arm until the closure is satisfactory. Please ensure you do not let the door bang shut and always ensure it is closed behind you.

Our electrician is Bobby Bryce 0207 735 9686

Abbey Court has a blog page on Word Press :-, all are welcome to comment and become authors of posts. We also have a face book page- please feel free to join and add comments where appropriate.

Flat Selling
When selling your flat you will require details from the management committee for your solicitors- Costs are £100.
Please let Libby Adams know when you are selling and she will prepare the information

Flat Letting/ Renting
Flats must not be sub let and contact details of your tenants should be given to Libby and Maria.
You will be required to supply an agent’s contact details also.

All flats should have floor covering; ideally carpets with good quality underlay to prevent sound transferring to other flats.


The fuse for the communal hallway lights are located in a light switch on the top floor of each block. The fuse box for the bin sheds, spot lights for car park and intercoms are in flat 16-21 lower floor riser cupboard

The garden is communal so please be aware of noise at all times.
The gardeners are Walworth Garden Farm 0207 582 2652

Ground Rent
This is due each September the current fee is £100 PA this is the responsibility of the owner.

This will be removed by the cleaner from communal areas.

There is a hose is the garden, this can be used and should be replaced back to its original location.

The management company is responsible for faulty intercoms and they are repaired by our locksmith:-
Mike Hope- 07770 306177

The building insurance is renewed yearly, should you need a copy of the documents there is a £10 charge and please contact a member of the committee. If you need to put a claim and email or letter must be sent to Elizabeth and Maria.

Mike Hope- 07770 306177 is out locksmith for any issues on any of the communal door.
The main front doors have Banham security keys; these can be purchased for £35 each from Elizabeth or Martin
Locks sometimes get stiff and dry – Rubbing WD40 on the barrels sometimes helps.

Should you need to borrow a ladder- there are some located in hallways of flats 1-3- please contact Elizabeth or Maria for keys

Notice Boards
If you wish to pin on other notice boards within Abbey Court, please contact a member of the committee who can loan you a set of keys or put the notices up for you.

Overflow Pipes
When the pipes overflow it mean that the ballcock needs replacing. If it is not possible to get a plumber at once, please turn off your water at once at the mains, this will prevent the overflow from occurring and causing problems with damp in the lower flats. If this problem occurs – please do not ignore this. As if we get issues with damp our insurance may be jeopardise and we may loose our water insurance coverage.

Post / Mail
Please remove the post from the mail box on a daily basis and sort in to bundles for the flats in your block. Please ensure you take all the post that is numbered for your flat- if this is not for you please send back and state unknown at this address. Any post not for your block put back in to a Royal Mail Post Box- the closest one in on the Walworth Road.

Walworth Road police station is on Manor Place and contact phone number is (020) 7701 1212

Paining of the communal hallways and outside is normally every 4-5 years

It would be appreciated that if you are planning a party you contact those residents maybe the ones  as noise carries very easily.

You may receive individual planning applications from various bodies. Be advised that these are responded to on behalf of all the residents by the management company as the committee deems fit. If you respond individually, it would be helpful lf you could forward a copy to committee members so comments do not clash.

Rubbish- see bin sheds

Satellite Dishes
No dishes are allowed to show on the outside of the building. Any dishes must be installed on the roof- and as close to the TV aerials are possible.

No “For Sale” or “To Let” signs or any other type of sign should be placed on the building or on the communal grounds.
Please ensure Estate agents are aware of this.

Southwark Council Services
• Southwark Council 0207 525 5000
• Furniture for disposal 0207 525 2457
• Electrical items for disposal 0207 525 2183
Southwark will remove any unwanted item, but they will only do this for FREE if the flat contacts them directly- this is not a job for the committee.
Please do not dump items in the bin sheds or around the gardens of Abbey Court as you can not expect the management committee to remove them!
Any items dumped on McLeod St or Sutherland Walk will be seen as fly tipping and fines can be imposed.

Southwark Councillors
Surgery details call 0207 252 5000

Smoke Alarms
If they start to bleep- this means that the batteries are needing changed please contact Bobby Bryce 0207 735 9686

Please do not smoke in communal hallways.

Street Cleaning
The street is swept by the council twice a week.

Please ensure when visitors are using the car park they park on the side furthest away from the windows and give cars enough room to open doors etc.
Also please be aware that they close the gates quietly and come in and out of the flats with as little noise and disturbance to other residences.

Washing Machines/ Hoovers/ Juicers
Washing machines and other noisy household appliances should not be used between the hours of 10pm and 8am

Washing Line
There are 2 washing lines, the main rotary drier in the garden for general use and a pull out one near bin shed 2.
Please do not use the whole line and it would be appreciated if the washing is removed promptly once dry to let others use it. Please ensure the cover is replaced on a nightly basis.

Window Cleaning
The windows are cleaned every month.

This is your home in London. If you have any suggestions for improving it- please let a member of the committee know. Also if you notice anything that needs replaced or fixed- if you can not sort it- contact a member of the committee. Things can not be fixed if the committee is unaware and everyone ignores it!


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