About Abbey Court’s Page

Welcome to Abbey’s Court’s page. It is for residents, whether owners or tenants, and owners who have let their flats, and for our immediate neighbours in Sutherland Square.

We hope that this will enhance living at Abbey Court, and improve communication between everyone.

To get an email telling you when there is a new post, just subscribe to the blog.

It is intended primarily as a place wheresee can share information and ideas, and discuss issues that affect us.

But don’t let that stop you from posting photographs you have taken of Abbey Court and around; or sharing news. If you have eaten at a good restaurant in the area, or want to recommend a pub or a tradesperson, we want to hear from you.

Maybe you have something you want to sell or give away. Maybe you are looking for something that one of your neighbours might be able to help you with.

We want Abbey Court to be a pleasant place for everyone to live, and for this page to a pleasant place to visit, so please remember to be polite and courteous.

This is not a place for feuds, so if you are at odds with your neighbours, please deal with those issues elsewhere.

Any ill-natured posts or comments  will be edited or deleted.


9 Responses to About Abbey Court’s Page

  1. Libby says:


    this is fantastic, you have done a great job- thank you.

    Hope it takes off, we can maybe even link it in to a twitter/facebook pages etc


    • abbeycourt says:

      Twitter and Facebook link in easily. Are you suggesting an AC Facebook? I have steered clear of such sites, but if you wanted to host it?
      Do you want to be an author?.

  2. ensignman says:

    First blog I have ever contributed to. Seems a very good idea. Just interested to know who the editor is who vets contributions. I am concerned for everone over the numbers of foxes. Shall we call in the local Hunt?

  3. ensignman says:

    Do I sense a touch of Big Brother. My previous blog comes up awaiting ‘moderation’!

  4. abbeycourt says:

    Hello Ensignman
    If you read the how to comment page you’ll see that all comments are held for moderation.
    Does EA have your email address? If so, you can be verified as a bona fide AC person.
    Probably best to email her and your comments can be approved. Then, if you want to be author let us know, and you can write your own posts so long as they are in the spirit of the page.

  5. libbylocket says:

    Does any one have objections to the planning that in proposed above the new chicken shop on the corner of Macleod St?

  6. abbeycourt says:

    Libby, I don’t think people will find this here.

    Make it into a new post on the main page.

    A pic of the building would be handy so that everyone knows where you are talking about. 🙂

  7. Abbey Court says:

    testing testing……………….
    via face book…………

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