How to Comment and Post

Getting Started

To start commenting on Abbey Court you need a valid email address.

If you want to be an author on Abbey Court’s blog page, you’ll need to register with WordPress.
It is quite straightforward. Just go to and sign up.

Authorship will normally be reserved for residents, tenants and flat owners of Abbey Court, and our neighbours in Sutherland Square.


WordPress will send you an e-mail to validate the

address. Unless you want your own page, click on

“Just a username, please” .

Once you’re registered, WordPress gives you a

profile, a ‘Dashboard’ and other options. You can

upload an avatar, a picture to represent you, if you

like. Otherwise WordPress will assign an avatar to you.


For security reasons, please do not link

your name with your flat number, or address

others by their names on the blog if they

have chosen a different username. If you

happen to know that Bunnykins is really

called Susie, and lives at flat 93, please

still call her Bunnykins in your posts and



Any comment you make will be held for approval. This is a

WordPress security feature.

If you want to write posts as well as make comments,

say so in your first comment, and  your status will be

changed to author, so that you can publish your own posts,

and upload pictures etc should you want to.

Apologies in advance if this does not happen immediately.

WordPress support pages will help with any problems making posts.

Have fun.


6 Responses to How to Comment and Post

  1. Martin says:

    Please could you set me up as an author. I’d like to post something about plumbers!

    • abbeycourt says:

      Have you set yourself with WordPress account, Martin? You need to to do that before I can give your author status. It’s ve easy. Just follow the instructions on the WordPress page, post a comment and I can make you an author.
      Read you soon.

  2. Martin says:

    I think I’ve managed to do it. Try setting me up as an author and we’ll see.

  3. evasajovic says:

    hello, can I be set up as an author as well please? Thanks. eva

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